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Awards and Prize Fellowships

I have been rather fortunate and greatly honored to have received kind recognition from academic peers and seniors on my scholarly work. I do want to emphasize, however, that no achievement in life lives in a vacuum. I deeply appreciate the extensive support of my students, advisors, and professors in maintaining and developing my aspiration throughout my journey to become a scientist as well as all the contributions my colleagues, collaborators, and students have made to support and complement my research program.


Below are select awards and prize fellowships I am grateful to have received:

  • Catalyst Fellowship, John Templeton Foundation & LSST Corporation (2022),

  • Kavli Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2018),

  • WorldQuant Fellowship, WorldQuant Foundation (2014),

  • Purcell Fellowship, Harvard University (2013),

  • Undergraduate Physics Research Award, Bilkent University (2013),

  • Bülent Kerim Altay Award, Middle East Technical University (2008, 2009),

  • Great Achievement Fellowship, Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey (2008),

  • Superior Success Fellowship, Turkish Education Foundation (2008),

  • Higher Education Examination Achievement Award, Fen Bilimleri (2008).


For my research grant awards, please refer to my curriculum vitae (CV).

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