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Media & Press


My scholarly work, science outreach, invited commentaries, and interviews have been covered by various media channels and the press over the years. Below are a few examples:


Scientific American's interview with me on the occasion of me attending the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in 2012 as an invited young researcher;


Our discovery of a rich multiplanetary system around a nearby, Sun-like star TOI 1233 on MIT NewsNew York TimesNASA Space Flight, Sci NewsForbes, NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program (ExEP), and UniverseToday;


A commentary on the meaning and significance of the winter solstice on WIRED;


Characterization of the nightside of WASP-121b on EurekAlertEarthSkyphysicsworld, and Sci News;


Cumhuriyet article covering my commentary on astrology as a pseudoscience;


NTV's live interview with me on the landing of NASA's Mars rover Perseverance;


TRT's coverage of my science outreach efforts, reaching over thousands of students in Turkey;

Discovery of the first intact exoplanet transiting a white dwarf, WD 1856, on SciTechDaily and EurekAlert;

Commentary on Event Horizon Telescope's press release in May 2022 on Aydınlık.

News on our discovery of a bright gamma ray burst, GRB 191016A, using TESS on Science Daily;

Despite my love science communication, I can't find the time to host and maintain a science communication channel on social media. Instead, I do my best to accept science communication requests from student bodies in colleges, and to a lesser degree, K12 schools. Some of these events occasionally become available online. Here is a fairly incomplete YouTube playlist of interviews and presentations covering my science outreach.

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