​Preservation and transfer of knowledge across generations is as important as the generation of knowledge and is the most important investment humanity can make. Teaching is at the core of this essential, millennia-old mission.

I also believe that the scientific method cannot fulfill its goal unless the knowledge generated by research is articulated to the society at an accessible level. Therefore, I consider science outreach an essential ingredient of doing science, which improves scientific literacy of the society and strengthens the public enthusiasm and support for science against pseudosciences as well as respecting the universality of scientific knowledge. This motivates me to do science outreach by communicating and advocating the scientific method.

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In the past, I have been the teaching fellow and/or guest lecturer for the following:

  • Summer school "Quantum to Cosmos", TÜBİTAK/TBAE, Summer 2019

  • 12S680, Artificial Intelligence for TESS Applications, MIT, Spring 2019

  • ASTRON130, Cosmology, Harvard, Spring 2018

  • PHYS212, Graduate Cosmology, Harvard, Fall 2016

  • SPU019, The Energetic Universe, Harvard, Spring 2014

  • PHYS207, Concepts of Modern Physics, METU, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013

I have also been involved in several science outreach projects.

  • Speaker, Boston Museum of Science Public Talk Series, Boston, MA, 2019

  • Speaker, Cape Cod Astronomical Society Meeting, South Yarmouth, Camridge, MA, 2017

  • Speaker, Science In The News Public Science Lecture Series, Cambridge, MA, 2016

  • Speaker, Beacon Hill Seminars, Cambridge, MA, 2014-2017

  • Speaker, Science In The News Public Science Lecture Series, Camridge, MA, 2014

  • Author, Science In The News Blog, Camridge, MA, 2014

  • Lecturer, ”There is a Scientist In My Classroom” Project, Camridge, MA, 2013